Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beautiful Beach in Yogyakarta and GunungKidul, Indonesia

In addition to being a city of education, Yogyakarta is famous for its beautiful beaches. Many foreign tourists who come to this city to see the sights so beautiful beaches.
Below are some beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta (Gunungkidul), which must be visited.

1. Baron Beach

Baron Beach is located in the district of Gunung Kidul. To get into this later Baron You will be required to pay an amount of 5,000 Rupiah and parking fees for cars or motorcycles for 1000 to 2500 rupees. Panorama unspoiled is one of the advantages of this beach

The visitors who come to spend their time playing and berbasah-basahan at sea. Not to worry abject, because the manager has given barrier to mark territory that is still safe to visit. Waves on the beach is quite challenging also favored by surfers.

2. Drini Beach 

Drini Beach is located in the village of Banjarejo, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul. What is special about Drini Beach is a small island in the middle of the beach. the existence of this small island as making the Drini Beach is divided into two parts.

On the east side of the beach there is a line of cliffs stood firm like a fortress facing the waves combined with the beauty of the coral island, the water is calmer possible for you to swim. While on the western side, you can see the line of boats sailing outrigger returning from fishing. Big waves in the waters west makes this look more ferocious.

3. Sadranan Beach

Sadranan beach is famous as one of the new snorkeling spots are much in demand on the island of Java. On the beach there is a rental place Sadranan known as the 'Sadranan Snorkeling' for those of you who want to rent snorkeling equipment.

Sadranan beach is the home of some marine species like fish lionfish, Kerondong, Botana Yellow, Angelfish, areng-areng, Neon Fish, and many other species are waiting for your arrival. The best time for snorkeling at this beach is early, middle or late afternoon before sunset.

4. Ngobaran Beach

Ngobaran Beach is a beach that has a strong mystical tale. The mystical tale tells of King Brawijaya V. The beach is routinely used as a location for ceremonies surrounding communities.

Some interesting spots that can be enjoyed in Ngobaran Beach is Mount Karang, Temple Worship, and the statue of the god. If you want to visit this beach, there is a culinary tour that you must try, the "hedgehog fried". Fried hedgehog in Ngobaran Beach already very famous as a culinary mainstay.

5. Siung Beach

Siung is the only beach in Yogyakarta which has terrain for rock climbing tour. On this beach you'll be treated to views of the massive rock that stands firmly on the side of the east and west coast.

Until now Siung has 250 climbing routes with difficulty levels are different. Even the beach was dubbed as "the best rock climbing site in Rajasthan". Siung is a beach that is ideal for moncoba sensation of climbing. From the top of the solid rocks, you can enjoy views of the open sea other than customarily.

And the last one of the most popular and many visitors is the beach Parang Tritis Yogya.

6.  Parang Tritis Beach

Tourism Parangtritis beach is located in the south of the city of Yogyakarta precisely in the District Kretek, Bantul - Yogyakarta, travel has a distance of about 27 km from the center of Yogyakarta, to get in this place is easy, for transportation to the beach is already widely and generally will operates until 17:00 pm. The best time to visit this place is during the afternoon when the setting sun, the scenery is quite attractive sunset and panoramic shoreline is very charming tourist locations make this a shame not to enjoy.
In addition, if you visit this place arrive sooner, then you will have a chance to see the view of the beach from the cliff that is located behind this beach. The name of the cliff it is Tebing Gembirawati. Here you will also find a community around the ruins of the temple, gave the name of the temple Gembirawati. The layout of the temple is located on the east cliff Gembirawati and distance from the beach only a few meters.

According to the belief of the Java community, attractions Parangtritis has a very close relationship with the magical kingdom Queen of the South Coast or ordinary people call Ratu Kidul, and the ruler of the southern sea. until - until there is a resort that is inspired by the legend that gave him the name of the Hotel Queen of the South.

Parangtritis is also called as the gate of the kingdom of the southern sea, therefore the public about trust when someone came there wearing green, then that person will get a disaster.
see the sunrise and sunset on the beach will spoil your eyes if it was on this beach.