Saturday, December 10, 2016


Siapa yang ngga tau Air Supply, Ya Air Suplly adalah Group Band terkenal pada tahun 1980-1990. Lagu-lagunya banyak yang menjadi hits di era nya.. Nah buat yang suka dengan lagu-lagu jadul dan ingin bernosatalgia sama Band ini, silahkan download salah satu Album Greatest Hits nya yang di beri nama Album "Forever Love".

CD 1
1. Lost in Love
2. Every Woman in the World
3. All Out of Love
4. Chances
5. The One That You Love
6. Here I Am
7. I'll Never Get Enough of You
8. Tonight
9. Sweet Dreams
10. Come What May
11. Even the Nights Are Better
12. Two Less Lonely People in the World
13. Young Love
14. Taking the Chance
15. Making Love out of Nothing at All
16. I Can Wait Forever
17. Just as I Am
18. The Power of Love
Download Full Album Air Supply - Forever Love (1980-2001)   CD1 = Here.

1. Lonely Is the Night
2. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
3. Someone Who Believes in You
4. Where Did the Feeling Go
5. Without You (Live)
6. Goodbye
7. It's Never Too Late
8. Too Sentimental
9. Always
10. Unchained Melody
11. I Want To Give It All (Live)
12. The Way I Feel
13. Now and Forever
14. Strong, Strong Wind
15. Once
16. Daybreak
17. Only One Forever
18. Yours Truly
Download Full Album Air Supply - Forever Love (1980-2001)  CD2 = Here.

Enjoy tthe music..